Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How Amazing It Is To Love

Praise the Lord for His love and for teaching us how to love.

It is by His grace we are capable of loving. If He had not first loved us we would have never been able to love (From - 1 John 4:19). It is amazing to know we love, because He loves us. We display love and desire love because He created us in His very own image. And the image of God "Is Love"!

How great it is to know His love and to be chosen to enjoy it!

When we recognize what His love did for us through His son Jesus and receive it, the most amazing thing happens.  We are given full access to His love and all it entails. We become forever branded by His love and nothing, no-one can take that away from us!

It is fitting and awe-inspiring that the totality and fullness of His love can not be completely expressed. It is also phenomenal that His love is so simple and individual to each of us. I am certain, that if we could truly and completely express God's love it would take far more time than we have and far more words than we have vocabulary. Yet, in His grace He gives us so many ways to express, speak of and share His love with not only those around us, but more amazingly, with Him.

As often as we'd like, we can spend time loving on God Himself! I know of no greater thing than to be able to share intimate moments of  love and thankfulness with our Heavenly Father, The Lover Of Our Souls!

Song: "You're The One" Artist: Chris & Conrad