Monday, October 25, 2010

AT Home

It is amazing to know we are safely in the hands of God!

As I sit hear writing, thinking of the infinite beauty, love and grace of God, I can't help but be filled to overflowing with emotion. The more I know Him, the more breathtaking He becomes.

I am more at home, just sitting with Him (embraced, enveloped in thought of Him), than in any other way I have ever know. I am truly "at home" when I am with Jesus, my Father, my King... my Savior. He has held me in every moment and in every way imaginable. He is my breathe of life and without Him I would suffocate!

You see, God is sooo much more than just a notion. So much more than just the creator of the universe. He is our all in all our everything! There is not a thing in this life you need that He can not give! He "IS" the Supply!

When you feel like you just can't breathe, He's there to breathe for you and into you. When you feel as though you've been sucker punched and there's know way the wound could ever heal, He consumes you with His love and mends the broken pieces. When you're standing there with your hands thrown up into the air because you just want it all to be over, you just want it all to go away, He's there to hold you, calm the storm and lift you out of the rubble.

There's no way for me to express fully all the ways He's there. But in my experience, He never misses a beat! There's not a moment of our lives He's not there ready, willing and able to do and be all we need. Even in the midst of our constant rowing to keep our lives from taking on water, He's there at the helm reaching out His hands to us, ready to speak to the storm and bear our burdens.

There is nothing we go through, no thought we think, that He does not understand or know about. He created us down to the most intricate molecule, there's nothing about who we are He doesn't know. So when your in need of throwing up your hands or letting out a scream, I encourage you to do it in the safety of His warm embrace. For His arms will never fail you and in Him you will find a rest that takes you home in a way you'll never know without Him!!!

You are at home when in the safety of His arms...

Artist: Chris and Conrad
Song: I'm At Home
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