Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thoughts Of God Make Beautiful Moments

As we start off the New Year I desire to rejoice over all God is and all He has so graciously done to secure our eternity in Heaven with Him. Every moment we spend with Him is absolutely beautiful! Every thought of Him is captivating!!! And to know that "this" is but the beginning. An eternity in Heaven, with Him, awaits us. How amazing!

One of the greatest moments, I believe, is when we come to realize that even the most spectacular moments we experience with Him here on earth, those that take our breath away, are but a small taste of the fullness we will experience. When we enter into our everlasting promise there will be a expression and feeling of radiating, overflowing, joy unlike anything we have ever known, and to that, I know no greater joy.

Every thought of Him and every moment spent with Him is a precious thing of beauty and an awesome privilege. I adore Him for all he has done and for all He is going to do. His promise is secure and completely everlasting!!!

There is nothing I'd rather do then spend my moments with You oh Lord...

Artist: Kara Williamson
Song: Beautiful Moments
Posted on YouTube By: HolyHolyIsTheLord
Photos and Production By: Tanya Mealer

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